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Explanation of my name "Xyzyxx"

My name has an interesting story behind it. At least, I think it's interesting...

A really long time ago, I was watching TV and it was talking about this town in California called Zzyzx. Read more about that name here.

Many years later, I was trying to think of the most strange and unique name I could, for a Pokémon I was training in Pokémon Red. I remembered the pronunciation of the name, but couldn't remember how to spell it. I gave it my best guess and I came up with "Xyzyxx".

Many more years later, I was introduced to the concept of forums, and tried to think of a good name for myself. I thought "Xyzyxx" was as good a name as any. I've used that name wherever I am on the Web now, and in fact if you google the word, the first results are me! Ha ha!

So please remember, my name is pronounced like this. Thanks for reading.

The Hunt.

This is a poem I wrote. It was published in Nintendo Power volume 173 as the Letter of the Month. The name in the magazine is VgmasterGCN because is the email address I used to send the poem in.

The Hunt

By Xyzyxx

Exploring unknown ruins
Deep inside a cave
Seeking out the answers
To the questions that you crave.

The caves are filled with monsters
And things that crawl about.
You know it isn't certain
That you'll ever make it out.

You wear protective armor
That shields you from most harm.
A large and powerful cannon
Replaces your right arm.

In spite of all the gear you have,
Some are stronger still.
I'm talking bout the monsters;
It's you they seek to kill.

The visor of your helmet
Has maps and readouts too.
Everything you need to know
Is all right there for you.

The most important readout
Is your energy supply.
If it ever reaches zero,
You will surely die.

As you are exploring,
There's not much that you find.
Questions, more than answers,
Seem to fill your mind.

You must keep your focus;
You're running out of time.
These are thoughts you're thinking,
When you're playing Metroid Prime.

Golden Sun

This is another poem I wrote. It doesn't have a catchy name like The Hunt but it's still good.

The ancient power Alchemy
Was tightly sealed away.
Deep inside Mt. Aleph,
Where they hoped it would stay.

Alchemy's four Elements:
Earth, Wind, Water, Fire;
If they were to be released,
Conditions would be dire.

Alchemy still has it's place
Within the town of Vale.
Psynergy, they call it;
This power never fails.

Two suspicious characters
Went where they weren't allowed.
They snuck into Mt. Aleph,
As the sky was filled with clouds.

They stole the Elemental Stars
From a room that seemed an ocean.
They planned to light the beacons,
And set it all in motion.

Isaac followed after them,
With Garet close behind.
They were both determined
To keep Alchemy confined.

Who will triumph in the end?
The story has begun.
And so begins the epic tale
That's known as Golden Sun.